TOP 8 Best Bikepacking and Saddle Bags 2020

1 July, 2020
best panniers and bicycle bags

Are you planning to go on holiday with your bike? Do you have to carry weight on your journeys and are you looking for the most comfortable way to deal with it? To get the most out of the one that will be your travel partner, you have all kinds of options – look for the best panniers for your bike, suitable for your needs, and just worry about pedaling.

Bikepacking is in vogue and nothing is more suitable for the summer than diving into cycling tourism and start pedaling to get to know both your immediate surroundings and the area you want to discover. Find the right complement in this list. You’ll be able to take everything you need with you on your bike.


Top 8 Panniers and Bicycle Bags

  1. Ortlieb Handlebar-Pack M 15L
  2. Ortlieb Gravel-Pack Duo QL2.1
  3. Ortlieb Frame Pack L 6L
  4. Restrap Bar Bag
  5. Brooks Brick Lane Roll-Up Panniers – Black
  6. Restrap Stem Bag
  7. Ortlieb Seat-Pack M – 11L
  8. Restrap Saddle Bag 14L

Review of the TOP 8 Best Saddlebags and Bike Bags

1. Ortlieb Handlebar-Pack M 15L

  • Brand: Ortlieb
  • Volume: 15L
  • Weight: 420g
  • Price: £98.90

Ortlieb Handlebar-Pack M 15L

It’s common for the best bike bags to be situated on the handlebars. Thus, the total weight will be more balanced, and you’ll have what you need at hand even when cycling. This Ortlieb bag is the ideal size (20 x 58 x 20 cm) to carry a sleeping bag inside. It is secured with roll-up closures and comes with two compression straps so that you can combine it with other accessories. It’s the perfect option to bring your lunch or some tools with you. Furthermore, its ultralight weight makes it suitable for carbon handlebars, and it will endure all weather conditions thanks to its resistant waterproof material.


2. Ortlieb Gravel-Pack QL2.1 Pannier Bags

  • Brand: Ortlieb
  • Volume: 25L
  • Weight: 1160g
  • Price: £94.40

Ortlieb Gravel-Pack QL2.1 Pannier Bags

If you are planning to go on a mountain tour, Ortlieb’s Gravel-Pack Duo saddlebags are one of the best options. Made with fabrics resistant to any kind of weather and also to scratches, so as to withstand cycling on tracks and on stone, they provide you with a total capacity of 25L between the two bags, ideal for multi-day trips. Why? Because their dimensions can be adapted to a rear luggage rack and also to one installed on the front wheel, thus offering extra luggage capacity. However, this will not involve any extra complexity: you can install this without the need for tools, with an additional mounting hook for a more secure hold.


3. Ortlieb Frame-Pack Large Bag – 6L

  • Brand: Ortlieb
  • Volume: 6L
  • Weight: 232g
  • Price: £98.00

Ortlieb Frame-Pack Large Bag - 6L

There are many corners of your bicycle where you can attach loads: with the Ortlieb Frame Pack you can even use the frame triangle, an ideal place to store heavy items thanks to its central position in the weight distribution. About 6 extra litres to avoid overloading the front and rear luggage racks. With a waterproof nylon fabric, just like the zipper, it has a very simple assembly and closure system with velcro and straps and a design that made it a winner of the EUROBIKE Award 2016.


4. Restrap Bar Bag

  • Brand: Restrap
  • Volume: 14L
  • Weight: 550g
  • Price: £110.10

Restrap Bar Bag

With the Restrap Bar Bag you will gain a multipurpose storing space to carry items within reach. On the one hand, you have a closed bag with its own holder, and on the other hand you have a magnetic bag for items such as food. So, with a simple assembly only with velcro you will have two elements in one, with a package of only 22x18cm and a luggage capacity of 14L.


5. Brooks Brick Lane Roll Up Panniers – Black

  • Brand: Brooks
  • Volume: 28L
  • Weight: 950g
  • Price: £170.80 £151.90

Brooks Brick Lane Roll Up Panniers - Black

The best option for urban bike bags are these Brooks Brick Lane roll-up bags, inspired by travel bags: they are easily rolled up and released, fixed on top of the luggage rack, to which they are adaptable. They measure 10 x 15cm. With them, you get a great volume capacity of 14L in each bag, and they also have a cross elastic to hook other objects. A practical and functional option for carrying weight on your urban journeys.


6. Restrap Stem Bag

  • Brand: Restrap
  • Volume: 1,1L
  • Weight: 90g
  • Price: £33.30

Restrap Stem Bag

Get simple, do not take up more than you need – the Restrap Stem Bag will fit perfectly on your stem. A little more than 1L in capacity, to reach your extra canister, gels or food without slowing down, protected by waterproof materials made entirely by hand, which is the hallmark of this English brand. Don’t sweat it!


7. Ortlieb Seat-Pack Medium Bag – 11L

  • Brand: Ortlieb
  • Volume: 11L
  • Weight: 325g
  • Price: £105.20

Ortlieb Seat-Pack Medium Bag - 11L

Last but not least, if you want to carry luggage on the rear, attached to the saddle, but don’t want to go for an extremely big or heavy bag, Ortlieb offers this size M Seat-Pack. What are its perks? Medium size, with a capacity of 11L and an unobtrusive size (25x15x40cm) that will hardly affect the space your bike takes up. For easy installation you only need six centimetres on the seat post, unlike larger models, so it is adaptable to almost any type of bike. Furthermore, take into account its high resistance guarantee and its Daisy Chain to install your rear light.



8. Restrap Saddle Bag 14L

  • Brand: Restrap
  • Volume: 14L
  • Weight: 640g
  • Price: £112.40

Restrap Saddle Bag 14L

You can carry the most weight right behind the saddle of your bike. However, it’s also possible to carry larger items without the need for a support or a bike rack. This is possible thanks to accessories like this elegant Restrap bag. It attaches to the frame only with velcro. You will need about 20 cm between your saddle and the rear wheel, and 10 cm between the saddle and the frame itself. With just one small gesture, you’ll gain 14L of capacity, not so far from some other, bigger saddlebags, and will be able to access your things without the need to detach it from the bike.


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