The best bicycle rollers to train at home during the Coronavirus


Whether you are coping with confinement and overcoming a pandemic or staying in shape on rainy days, the roller is a handy accessory. And yes, it can also be fun. We recognize that it is not the same, nor does it come close, to the sensation of rolling freely on the street, on a road or a forest track, breathing clean air, alone or in company, but the roller can get you out of a hurry and keep you on shape. That is why we believe that you may be interested in this list of the best 5 rollers that you can find in Santafixie.

5 best rollers for training at home during Coronavirus

This is the official list of the 5 best rollers in our online shop, Santafixie.

  1. Elite Arion Digital Smart B+
  2. Elite Novo Force Elastogel
  3. Saris M2 Smart Trainer
  4. Elite Quick-Motion
  5. Elite Drivo II

Analysis of the 5 best cycling rollers to train at home

1. Elite Arion Digital Smart B+

mejor rodillo de entrenamiento Elite Arion Digital Smart B+

It is the typical roller for rollers, but improved. It has automatic adjustment resistance through magnets, which means that it simulates slopes of up to 5%. If you find a mountain pass on your virtual route, it will cost you more, and you will need to generate more watts of power to maintain the same speed. It includes the B + sensor, which wirelessly sends training data through ANT + ™ FE-C and Bluetooth Smart communication protocols for full interaction with Zwift, Bkool, Rouvy, Kinomap or any other software.

The Elite Arion Digital Smart B + is suitable for road, gravel or mountain bike. The material of the rollers is elastogel, with a completely smooth surface that reduces noise. The front roller has 10 variable positions, and adjusts to any size of bike. Also, when you don’t use it, it folds very easily, taking up very little space.


2. Elite Novo Force Elastogel

mejor rodillo de entrenamiento elite novo force


Magnetic resistance type, the Elite Novo Force Elastogel roller has 8 levels to configure. It is simple, but effective. The quick fastening system allows you to hook and unhook the bike with a simple movement. Just ride your bike and start pedaling. In addition to having a really adjusted PVP, only £150.00, it is compatible with Zwift if we add the Misuro B + sensor (not included).

It is possible to regulate the hardness of the roller by means of an intensity selector that is installed on the handlebar. It is also compatible with all types of bikes, from road bikes to mountain bikes. It is easy to move and folding takes up very little space. You can store it perfectly under the bed.


3. Saris M2 Smart Trainer

mejor rodillo de entrenamiento saris m2

The Saris M2 Smart Trainer is one of the quietest rollers on the market, only 68 dB rolling at 20 mph. It has a robust design, which supports up to 1500 watts and simulates a 15% slope. It comes standard with all built-in sensors: speed, cadence, and power, and is compatible with 650b, 700c, 26 “, 27”, and 29 “wheels. It is also compatible with all virtual platforms using ANT + FE-C and Bluetooth standards In contrast, its price is somewhat higher than the Elite Novo Force, £475.00.


4. Elite Quick-Motion

mejor rodillo de entrenamiento elite quick-motion

A roller that allows you to move on the bike and even sprint. Strange as it may seem, the Elite Quick-Motion has a floating system that absorbs sudden movements when pedaling and transmits the feeling of rolling on asphalt (or a quite similar sensation). Thanks to its parabolic rollers it is very easy to maintain balance and not get out of it, you always end up falling to the “center” of the roller, being very safe.

It has three levels of force through the magnetic resistance of neodymium magnets and the front roller can be adjusted in 11 different positions, being compatible with most bicycles. It is foldable, taking up little space when not in use and is compatible with virtual environment applications using the Misuro B + sensor, which is not included. Its price is £390.00.


Elite Drivo II

mejor rodillo de entrenamiento elite drivo ii


If we did not take into account the price of the Elite Drivo II, this roller would be in the first place. But € 949 is a high price, and honestly, we recommend investing that money in a bicycle rather than in a roller. What a bicycle offers us is infinitely superior to a roller in terms of fun. But if the price is not an inconvenience for your pocket, we explain why we believe that the Drivo II is the perfect roller.

The rest of the rollers use the wheel of the bicycle itself, or at best a special tire for rollers, which better withstands friction and therefore wears less than conventional street tyres. In the case of direct drive rollers such as the Drivo II, our bicycle transmits power through the cassette built into the roller. This means that the noise is less, much less, and the cover does not suffer any wear.

Other benefits of direct drive rollers is that the accuracy of the power output is almost exact, with just 0.5% variance and the response is immediate. It also includes the cadence sensor, as well as cassette mounting tool and adapters for the 142 x 12 mm  thru-axle adaptors. The cassette can be 9 or 10 speeds, although it is not included.



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