Derailleur Hanger

13 November, 2019
derailleur hanger

We’ve all fallen from a bike and if you haven’t yet, you will. If you are one of those who just got up after a fall, but first check the bike above your own body, you should have a derailleur hanger in your bag, along with a spare inner tube, the removable tube and a pump. What? Don’t you know what a derailleur hanger is? It is this piece:

Derailleur Hanger

It is screwed to the frame on one side and secured on the other. Its function is basic, but very important, because it breaks in the event of a fall. This is to prevent irreparable damage to the frame or derailleur. They are made of cold forged aluminum 6061, offer little resistance and can be bent with little force.

Derailleur Hanger

The price of one is usually around €9, so it is much cheaper than replacing a derailleur or repairing the frame. Never try to straighten a bent pin, as it will not be the same as originally and is very dangerous. It can move around, catch the chain in the frame and cause a painful fall. The pin must hold the derailleur in a vertical position with respect to the hanger, which must be 90° from the rear axle. Changing this is very simple, you just have to unscrew it and screw it on again. You can even change it during a ride. In this video you can see how one it can be changed:

We recommend to purchase a replacement pin the moment you purchase your bike, but if you haven’t thought of it, you can still buy it later. You can find the original or one that’s compatible. Because most frames, from the major bicycle brands, are manufactured by the same manufacturers, they share the same geometries. The same hanger can be used for different bikes of the same or different brands. In any case, it is very important that you look for the hanger that is compatible with your model. You can find it here.

At Santafixie we have derailleur hangers for the most important bicycle brands. Buy this now, you’ll appreciate it in due course.

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