5 best bicycle racks

In this time when housing is almost a luxury asset and we have to live in small flats, shared flats, adapted containers, or even in capsules, keeping the bike in a safe place can be a hassle and a headache.

Leaving the bike on a wall is not the best option. It always ends up falling to the ground and the wall is stained with the rubbing of the handlebar. And what about those who keep bicycles on the balcony, without a poor plastic that protects them a bit? Those people deserve a good puncture without a replacement camera in a place without coverage or public transport. This is not how bicycles are treated.

Even if we have little space at home there is a solution to keep our bicycle fixed, safe from shocks or humidity. And it’s called a bike rack. At Santafixie we have bicycle supports of all types. Floor hadlers to hold it without having to lift the bike, both horizontal and vertical wall mounts that can be grabbed by the frame or by the front wheel, with hitch or space to also store a helmet and accessories, made of wood, metal, functional, of with an exclusive design … there are so many we better make you a selection of the most outstanding.


List of the best 5 bicycle racks and stands

This is the official list of the best bicycle racks and stands in our online shop Santafixie.

  1. FustaFu Gamma
  2. Clug Roadie
  3. Soporte Suelo con Ruedas
  4. Soporte Kion Home Giratorio Acero
  5. Soporte Cycloc Solo

5 best bicycle racks’ analysis

1. FustaFu Gamma

Type: Wall

Price: £76.50

FustaFu supports are designed and manufactured in Barcelona, handcrafted in birch wood. They are produced in the TMDC coworking workshop, very very close to our offices. Kilometer zero in terms of logistics from manufacturer to distributor. So close that we pick them up by foot. From there come these wall mounts designed to hold urban bikes and fixies. Both the paint and the natural protective oil of the wood are applied by hand. Its design is so avant-garde that when you do not have the bicycle in the holder, it will look like another piece of decoration in your house. Available in four colors: Lavender, Yellow, Mint and Coral. You can also find the triangle-shaped version in Santafixie.
soporte pared bicicleta fustafu


2. Clug Roadie

Type: Wall

Price: £15.99

Another very cheap and simple type of wall mount is the Clug Roadie. It is a small “U” shaped anchor that can hold the bike both vertically and horizontally. It is screwed to the wall with a drilling template so that it fits perfectly with a secure two-point fixing. The wheel is fixed immovably, although it must be emphasized that only suitable for wheels from 23 to 32mm, wider wheels would not enter the support. For those types of wheels there is the Hybrid model, which supports up to 42mm width. The Clug Hybrid stand is perfect for offices, bars, points of sale due to the small space it occupies and its discretion. Available in various colors.

soporte clug


3. Parking Superstand

Type: Floor

Price: £18.95

If you have plenty of space, or if you have a store, or if you want to be able to move your bike quickly and safely, there is this type of support with wheels that is very practical. It does not need holes in the wall or any type of installation. You just put the bike’s rear wheel on the stand and it stays on. It is compatible with all types of bicycle: road, fixie, mountain or gravel and very useful to hold the bike while making adjustments or repairs. It is also very economical, with an RRP of only £18.95.




4. Kion Home Rotating Steel Storage

Type: Wall

Price: From £42.75 to £62.90

The Kion Home Rotating steel storeage has six different placement positions, thus adapting to all types of bicycles frames and making the most of the space on your wall. It is ideal for bikes with handlebars up to 52 cm. The rubber reinforcement prevents chafing on the bicycle frame. You can find it in Black and White, as well as in the horizontal fixed version, and a larger version, 42 cm, that supports handlebars up to 72 cm long.

soporte kion home giratorio


5. Cycloc Solo

Type: Wall
Precio: 64,95€

A support that at the same time is a secure anchorage to tie the bike? There are very few, and one of them is the Cycloc Solo. Its vertical opening allows you to pass a U-shaped padlock or chain to secure the bicycle. It is a type of support that you can see at cycling pubs, but it is also very useful to mount them in common rooms of workplaces with a lot of people transit, in public transport intermodal stations, but also in private bicycle parkings. In addition, in the central space of the Cycloc Solo you can store the helmet, gloves or any other accessory that you do not want to carry with you when the bike is parked.

soporte bicicleta cycloc solo


What support would be best for you? Discover all the models of bicycle supports in Santafixie.

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