How to know the ideal size for your fixie bike

Today we’re going to show you how to calculate the ideal size of your fixie bike, so that you’ll be able to order a bike on the internet while being 100% sure that the size will fit you. Let’s get to it!

Fixie bikes are very similar to the road bikes everybody has been using and hearing about for a long time now. The shapes of both types are quite similar, especially with economic or medium-range models. That means if you have an old 54-cm road frame, your fixie bike should be the same size.

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However, you may not have another bike to compare with, or maybe you have a mountain bike and are not sure about your fixie size. As MTB’s differ quite a lot in shape from fixie bikes, it’s always better to be 100% sure.

Most bicycle manufacturers, such as State Bicycle or Lamona Bikes advise different sizes depending on the cyclist’s height. This may be the right option for a rough idea, but isn’t always the best way. If you are 180cm tall, you may find yourself between two suggested sizes (56 and 59cm) depending on the manufacturer. In such cases, it’s always better to go for the smaller size – for urban cycling, you’d better have a handy bike which allows you to set your feet on the ground in any situation, such as an encounter with a car or when facing a red light.


If you can’t decide between two different sizes, it’s important to know how long your legs are. Not every 180cm tall person has equally long legs – maybe one of them needs a size-56 bike and the other one a size-59 one because their legs are slightly longer. Leg length is the main indicator of one’s ideal size. Once we had a someone come to us at Santafixie who was 175cm tall but whose legs were very long, so she had to take a size larger than originally expected.

How can you measure your legs? You must stand barefoot with your back against a wall and measure the distance (in cm) from the ground to the groin, basically the part of your body that is sitting on the saddle. It’s good to use a stick to pull your pants up, so that you don’t get a shorter figure.

Then you’ll have to multiply that number by 0.65 (although some experts also mention 0.64). Thus, if our legs are 80cm long, we shall get a size-52 model.

It’s relatively easy to get the right size, as you can see. If you are 188cm tall, you’ll almost certainly need a size 58 or 59. But if you’re not sure, you can just measure your legs and be 100% sure.

Take into account that the seatpost height can be adjusted up and down, so you’ll have several centimetres of play to adjust the saddle until you get the perfect height.

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